Thursday, 28 May 2009

Martin Carr - Ye Gods (and little fishes)

The artist is : Martin Carr
The album is : Ye Gods (and Little Fishes)
The format is : Download (distribution by State51)
It will be released on : 13th July 2009
The label is : Sonny Boy Records

As leader and chief songwriter of The Boo Radleys, Martin Carr had a mega-hit in Wake Up Boo! and a UK no.1 album Wake Up! in 1995. Ye Gods is the first record to be released under his own name and is his most commercial work since the demise of his former band.

After a decade exploring the more experimental waters of electronic music under the Bravecaptain moniker, Ye Gods sees Carr return with 10 tracks that hark back to the layered melodies, timeless stylings and complex arrangements of his most well known days. The rumours are true, Martin Carr's got his pop boots back on and he's running free...

Ye Gods
kicks off in fine style with perhaps the most radio-friendly track Carr's released since Wake Up Boo! The Dead Of Winter is a foot-to-the-floor pop piledriver with a forceful beat, typically distorted guitars and brass flourishes. Equally upbeat is Orpheus Lament, a tale of strong friendship bonds backed with a wonderfully summery, organ led tune with glorious harpsichord and trumpet embellishments.

Coming in on a different track is Bear Lake, a more contemplative effort with melodic bass, two-part harmonies, lap steel and electric piano that gently mutates via electronics and a meaty dose of fuzz bass into something of an epic ride. Goldrush 49 tells a coming-of-age tale to a sun-drenched folky backing and is neatly counterpointed by the darker leanings of Pontcanna Stone and Tired And Broke And Black And Blue.

Ye Gods is a return to the kind of pop tunes and multi-layered styles Martin Carr is best known for. If you want a review copy of the album, a photo, an interview or a radio session, please contact

Here is the lead track from Ye Gods, The Dead Of Winter...

He plays live:
Green Man Festival, Glanusk Park, 21st - 23rd August 2009

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